Monday, October 5, 2009


Ok, so, you are probably wondering where I have been...and I don't have a good excuse. I do have excuses, just none of them are very good.Heehee!
Mark is plugging away at work. His job is going good. He is doing the electrical at the new Freddie's in Derby. What he is really enjoying right now, is his position as Athletic Director. Cross Country season is winding down this week, football has a ways to go, and volleyball is over now, except for tournaments, except for 8th grade, they are done.
I have been enjoying my glamorous life as a lunch lady. Easy hours, fun people, good times. I love my job!
Val was down and out last week with the Swine Flu. That's right. You heard me! She had it!!! Confirmed by her doctor. Of course, she went to the doctor too late for him to be able to give her an antibiotic to help her, so she had to just ride it out. It was not an easy ride!
She did make it to her Homecoming Dance, just got sick the day after it. She went with her boyfriend Tyler. There are pics of them on my Facebook. Add me!
Like I said before, Emi is done with volleyball. She is bummed! She has a great potential, so we are going to look into a club league for her to play in, or somewhere to go to get some extra help. She does have a great talent!!
Anyways, just wanted you to know that I am still around!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

A Moment Of Your Time

Just a moment of your time, to remind you of how FABULOUS Emily is at playing volleyball. She played at Magdalen on Monday night, and yes, they lost to SEAS and St. Francis, but this is a team sport, remember!~
Emi got a series of 8 serves over the net during a SEAS game, and brought them to a close win, and then at the beginning of match 2 of the St. Francis game, scored 14 serves in a row, sending them to tie breaker! 14!
Just keeping you up to date on her scores! It is hard to get pics because I keep score, and Mark line judges, but I will give it a try for this weekend, because they should be looking good~wink, wink!!!!!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Star Power!

OK, so I know some people will say I am biased (because I am), but Emily has Volleyball Star Power! Yesterday morning, we played against St. Pat's, and the game was SO good!!!! Emily missed her first serve of the day, but she made up for it! The second she was up for the serve she served not 1, not 2, but 12 in a row!!! The crowd was going wild! She was in the zone for sure!!!! Our girls didn't return the volley, so the serve went to St. Pat's. We returned the ball, for the game point.
Coach Lynn decided to keep Emi in on Service, since she was on such a hot streak, and she served another 10 in a row, only stopping her streak, because we hit the return volley out of bounds!
All of the girls played an awesome game! There were dinks, spikes, sets (Emi likes to do a backwards set) and bumps! We had Sheridan from St. Joseph School who went on a 6 serve streak,and all of the girls had a lot to be proud of!
Then, Magdalen game. We lost the first match 21-25. THey were watching the St.Pat's game, and shut down Emi quick! She did get all of her serves over though, the rest of the day, they just volleyed them back to us, in our weak spots. We won the second match 25-19, so we went to tie breaker, but couldn't quite get it back after they went on a 9 point streak, and lost by 6.
Oh well, they have an even record, won 2 lost 2, so they are actually doing better than these girls have done Ever!
And, not to keep bragging, but Emily's streak yesterday was the "best" streak that SMM has seen maybe ever, but for sure for at least the last 5 years!

And on one more note, our girls have the BEST team spirit of any team I have seen! THey cheer and chant for each other, and never show bad sportsmanship, which we unfortunately encountered against Magdalen, but our girls played with class all the way!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

8th Grade Volleyball is off and running (or serving and spiking as it were)! The team had their first 2 games last week, and they lost (barely) to St. Anne's and then played St. Peter Schulte and won both games, so there was no need for the tie breaker. They did a great job! The team has really improved from last year, and as proof by the picture, we got Tarah back on the team!!!! She played in 6th grade, didn't last year, but was persuaded to come back for her 8th grade year! The Lady Tigers play again on Saturday, making it a very busy weekend, since, we are also kicking off our 8th grade fundraising that weekend, but I am confident we can get everything done we need to do! They play at Collegiate next Saturday morning. They petitioned the CSAL last year to join, and the Athletic Directors voted at their meeting, and welcomed them into the league.If I have the time, I would love to go check them out before we play them, since we have never seen their girls play before, but time is an issue for us for the next couple weeks, so we will see!
I will try to be more faithful about my blogging~sorry!!!!

Oh, and message to Tim, in case you didn't read the Sport Page on Saturday~Bishop Carroll beat Heights.....just thought you would like to know :P

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dating Tips Fridays

Val has Morality class this semester as her religion class. Her teacher, Mr. Brandt, has deemed Fridays to be the day that he gives the kids tips and they can talk about dating, and relationships.
Part of this, are a "girl" and a "guy" tip.
His tip for the girls this week, is to always carry a sucker with them, when they are out with a boy. That way, if they are not comfortable kissing the boy, they can stick the sucker in their mouth, cause who would kiss someone with a stick in their mouth.
The boy tip was that a boy should always carry a pen and a folded notecard. On the outside of the card, he can write topics to discuss, and on the inside, he can write things that interest the girl he is with.

So there you have it. I will ask Val for more tips next Friday.
PS~ She did take a sucker with her tonight, but only one. And she took one for him too! He said he was going to go find a notecard~heehee!

1 Week Down!

Well, my camera didn't have batteries. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with it, when I tried to take the traditional first day of school pictures, and now I know, there are no batteries in it. It is a good thing they wear the same thing every day. I will get pics of them next week.

Emily loves 8th grade. She started Tuesday. Her class has 15 kids in it. Ky moved to Florida, but he might come back at semester, they all hope so! Every day the 8th graders go to the lunchroom and help the kindergarteners with their lunch trays, so I get to see her a couple of times a day. There really isn't as much homework as she thought, so she is happy about that! Volleyball is going well. There are 8 girls on her team, 3 of them are from St. Joseph school, and then Emi,Tarah,Olivia,Theresa,and Elizabeth. It looks like a good team! Em got her serve back, and is doing awesome!!!!
Val was born to go to high school! I will always think so. She is having the time of her life!!! She got a full size locker again, teachers and classes that she loves, and is going out on a movie date tonight. What more could she ask for???
Val is assistant coach to Emi's volleyball team.
Well, that's about it. Valleri had school pics taken yesterday, Emily,Tarah, and Diem are supposed to be going to the mall with some guy friends from St. Jude's. Emily had a cold yesterday though, so I will have to see how she is feeling first.
I am 8th grade room mother, so I am trying to figure out a schedule for fundraising for the kids for their graduation expenses, t shirts, and class trip. YUCK!!!! I don't really mind though!

Friday, August 14, 2009


This is not for the weak of stomach!